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by: Gurbir

Welcome to the not so wonderful life of Harry Hiscock. Harry is a lawyer. His last name is Hiscock. Hilarity ensues. Simple enough non? Well not really. You know how you watch the credits to a movie, and there's that disclaimer saying “any resemblance to any persons, dead or living, is purely coincidental”? Well that's not what happens here. You see, poor old Harry is a character spawned from a real person. If you're unfortunate enough to be driving through Barrhaven, and you see the Barrhaven mall, stop and take a look at the offices of a certain law firm that shall remain nameless (Bradley, Hiscock, and Wright). Believe it or not, that's all it took to get us on our way.

Initially, Paulo Bellem saw the sign, and mentioned it to myself & Junior Barns.  We started laughing about it, and nearly got ourselves killed while driving.  Soon, we sucked my buddy Gavin into the madness, and now, it's just spun beyond our control. This Wiki will eventually compile the entire saga of poor old Harry H. Hiscock (as written in e-mail threads). It's still growing. One day, we might even make it into a comic script a la “Milk & Cheese”, except better. Enjoy!

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Character Key

  • Harry H. Hiscock (HH, HHH): Our main protagonist
  • Mrs. Vane: The Witness
  • Noah Fence (NF): The Crown prosecutor
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