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Episode 5: Must Leave a Bad Taste in Their Mouths

by: Junior

Following a lengthy jam session, our friends from Jehovah's wetness are headed to the old sleep sack to catch a few well deserved z's. Unfortunately, the warehouse ain't the best place for a nap, feeling a little bit of the insomnia, HHH paces the warehouse looking for something to keep him occupied.

Roger (RO): What's up Harry? Cant' sleep?

HHH: Nah, my muscles are tired from banging the skins all day. It's really tough on the arms and I get blisters on my hands.

RO: Yeah I know what you mean…my toung got quite the work out today, I'm starting to slur my speech. Can you imagine how Noah and Enema feel, I mean they've been blowing all day.

HHH: Yeah, those things must leave a bad taste in their mouths.

RO: Anyway, I'm off to get some sleep, I suggest you do the same.

HHH: Good Idea. See you in the morning.

Meanwhile, in Noah Rection's room. <knock on the door> NR: Come in!

EB: You sleeping?

NR: Hi Enema. Actually no, I was just practicing my fingering. <pointin to his horn> I haven't been able to make her sing as well as I usually can. Maybe it's all this excitement with the Ballsupyahooza thing and all.

EB: I know what you mean. I can't sleep either, so why don't we practice our fingering together? <Enema pulls the Trombone from it's case>

<Meanwhile in the Scott Towel's room, Scott is sleeping and apparently having bad dreams>

ST <In his sleep>: No mommy, I don't want to go to school. I want to be a Jizz Mopper just like dad.

<the rest is just jibberish.>

<The next morning everyone is up brigth and early. Except for Noah Rection and Enema Bondage.>

RO: Where the hell are Noah and Enema. This ain't a fuckin vacation!

Ann Alprobe: I've checked Enema's room, she ain't there.

HHH: I'll go check Noah's room.

<HHH opens the door to Noah's room only to find Noah and Enema in bed together. He bursts out laughing and runs to tell the others>

RO: What's so funny Harry?

HHH: Enema was doing it with Noah Rection.

ST: Obviously, she ain't a guy dill hole.

HHH: No! I mean her and Noah were sleeping together last night retard.

RO: Settle down guys. Let's just get set up to jam.

<Will this new distraction prevent Noah and Enema from blowing their horns? Will Scott Towel's mysterious past be revealed for all to know? Will they ever figure out who that guy Bob in the Dorito's commercial was? Tune in next time for the as Harry Handson Hiscock as he and Jehovah's wetness get set for Ballsupyahooza.>

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