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Episode 6: Laya Hirkunt Because it is Easier to Pronounce

by: Paulo

We now join our friend Harry Hiscock two weeks after our last episode back stack of the Ballsuyahooza concert.

HHH: Man I have never been so nervous. I have had some tough cookies in court but this takes the cake.

Willie Sharpe: Don't sweat it, because Willie's rule #103 says that when you start to get nervous the only person that your going to lay the smack down is on yourself.

(HHH gives Willie a wierd look) Listen I want you to meet your makeup person. (In walks a beautiful brunette) Harry meet Laya, Laya Hirkunt, Laya meet Harry, Harry Hiscock. But you two get to know each other I got some people to do and things to see.

HHH: Hello, Laya, what a beautiful name, what nationality is it.

LH: I am from Slovakia. Actually my full name is Layanow Hirkuntstrokski, but I only use Laya Hirkunt because it is easier to pronounce. But lets sit your ass down on this chair Mr. Hiscock and lets see what we can do with you.

HHH: You can do anything you want

LH: No silly, I meant with your make up……Oh you have beautiful cheek bones.(just then some on knocks on the door so Laya turns around to see who it is. Meanwhile Harry is looking at her reflection on the mirror. Laya comes back.) That was Willie.

HHH: Really what did he want.

LH: I don't know something about rule # 836 saying something about an aardvark and smelling the cooking. I don't know.

HHH: Ahh don't mind him, he's a bit wierd but at leasts he's starting to get us gigs.

LH: Yah.

HHH: So Laya, on a personal note. Do you have any family of your own.

LH: No, my parents died when I was young, and I had no sibblings. Why do you ask?

HHH: Well thats not what family I meant but since you didn't mention them I take it your not married.

LH: Why Hiscock!!? Are you asking Hirkunt out on a date.

HHH: Well yes, if you have the time for a skin banging ex-lawyer musician.

LH: Harry, I would love to go on a date with you. But we'll talk about it later you better get going, your up next.

HHH: Actually I'm up right now, but thats a different episode.

(will Hiscock and Hirkunt get together. Or is there a secret past in Miss. Laya's life. Will the band play well or is Harry to horny, find out next episode.)

Next: Send Hirkunt up to Hiscock

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