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Episode 7: Send Hirkunt up to Hiscock

by: Gurbir

After the band's performance, Hiscock is sitting in his hotel room. The phone rings,

HHH : Hello?

Reception : Sir, there's a Laya here to see you.

HHH : Yeah..send Hirkunt up to Hiscock.

Reception : I'm sorry sir..this is not that kind of hotel.

HHH : Whatever. Just let her in.

A few minutes later, there is a knock.

HHH : Coming! (opens door)

LH : Hi Hiscock. I hope I'm not disturbing anything.

HHH : Not at all. I was just sitting here…

LH : I was thnking about our earlier talk…and I was at the show, and watching you hit the drums with those three drumsticks of yours..It really excited me. How did you manage to use a third one..

HHH : Now that's a secret…

LH : A secret?

HHH : Yeah..that third drumstick is strong enough for a man..but it's made for a woman. And I love to bang skins with that thrid one…

LH : Make sweet music with me…. (they start making out. Cue porn music)

LH : Oh Hiscock!! I love you!!

HHH : I love you too Suzy…

LH : What?

HHH : I love you too…

LH : Who's suzy?

HHH : What do you mean?

LH : You said I love you too Suzy…who is Suzy.

HHH: She..I..I'm sorry. I thought I was ready for this..THE PAIN!!! (runs into the washroom)

LH : Musicians…bunch of babies!! OK in there?

HHH : I'll be fine..I just need to be alone.

LH goes, leaving HHH lying on the washroom floor, in the fetal position.

LH walks outside, and is stopped by a man dressed in a trenchcoat, with a fedora. He is smoking a cigarette.

Deepthroat : Well?

LH : I tried. Your boy up there has some serious problems to work through.

Deepthroat : He will…playing in a band will be therapeutic for him. And when he is ready, I'll be there. In the meantime, keep on him. Not too much pressure…you have to ease Hiscock out of his hole.

Deepthroat walks off…LH walks in the opposite direction.

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