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Episode 8: What the Fuck Just Happened?

by: Junior

With all the excitement going on for the last couple of days, our friend HHH is once again feeling a little bit of the insomnia. He decides to walk around the hotel to see if anything is going on. As he walks through the halls, he hears laughter coming from one of the far rooms, then it hits him…The distinctive smell of Weed. The green and leafy, the chiva, the wacky tabacky. HHH decides he might join(t) the party

HHH <Knocks at the door>: Hey yo, I got two questions for ya, who's puffin' the daddy and are you sharing?

Biggie Ball <Opens the door>: Yo are you the pizza guy bitch? I got some serious munchies.

HHH: Do I look like a pizza guy you fat fuck?

BB: Hey, it's the drummer from Jehovah's wetness, come in, take a seat, have some cess…

HHH: Wait, a minute, I have no problems with gay people but It doesn't do it for me alright.

BB: Weed mutherfucker, weed.

HHH: OOOHHH, I though you said have some sex.

BB: Heh! guy! guy! yo you pretty funny and shit…but…FUCK! I just forgot what I wuz sayin'. I saw your ass hanging wit dat' bitch Hirkunt the other day.

HHH: Hey she's a nice girl, lay off man.

BB: Guy! I got the mizzike right now so let me talk before I bust a cap up in here. So what's the dealio wit you and dat bitch?

HHH: She does my makeup.

BB: Makeup! What kind of ignorant ass shit is that. Nobody but Kiss wears makeup to do a show (See Paulo, even Biggie Ball agrees). You a bitch or something? Damn!

HHH: I don't know, she just started doin it and I didn't mind about having Hirkunt around.

BB: Yo I hear ya, It's always nice to have some freely accessible pie if you can smell what I'm cooking. Watch out for Hirkunt yo, She got VD and shit.

HHH: She has diseases.

BB: A violent dispositon mutherfucker. I don't think she works in the industry, you better keep your eye on her. Hirkunt may try to fuck you Hiscock, if she tries, you gotta stick it in her…I mean to her.

HHH: thanks for the advice, I'd better get going.

BB: Aw-ight, just remember what I tole' ya.


Is Laya really interested in Hiscock or is she looking for something else. Will we ever figure out what's going on inside Hirkunt……'s head. All will be revealed so stay tuned for the on-going adventures of Harry Hiscock, wielder of sticks.

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