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Episode 9: You Might Event Say it's Lip Smacking Good

by: Gavin

HHH returns home after a night of smoking the hoolie. As Hiscock tries to unlock the door, he realizes that something is greatly wrong. The door is unlocked.

HHH: <think to himeself> I though I locked you, you son-of-a-bitch ….. (stomach growls) … are you talking to me….. are you talking to me ….. I don't see anyone else around….. you must be talking to me …. my I ought to kick the shit out of you right now you useless tool……

HHH pushes the door open and staggers towards the kitchen. He heads straight to the cupboards and grabs the bag of doritios sitting on the shelf.

CRUNCH!!!! crunch crunch crunch ….

CRUNCH!!!! crunch crunch crunch ….

As Hiscock starts to regain his strenght he manages to raise his head and spots Hirkunt in the doorway.

HHH: Where did you come from and how did you get in here???

Laya: I have nowhere to sleep tonight and Willie gave me your keys and said I could crash here tonight. I was sound asleep but those doritos woke me up. I guess they really are the loudest taste on earth.

HHH: I can think of something thats alot louder and tastes saltier. You might even say its lip smacking good.

Laya: I think I see your point.

HHH: You can, (HHH looks down).

Laya: Well, that one too.

As Hiscock and Hirkunt start to press against one another, wee see that there are spectators observing all that is transpiring.

«Now ever one do the wavey thing with there hands and chat dododoododododdo»>

The scene changes to across the street where Willie and Roger are observing the couple through the window.

RO: Dammit Willie, your big hear is in the way. I can't see what's happening.

Willie: Look, you wanted me to investigate Hiscock now let me do my job.

RO: Look man, I just wanted to find out where Hiscock learned to bang the skins like that. He has a form I've never seen before, but the women just love. Especially when he starts going nuts and banging everthing in sight.

Willie: Theres more to Hiscock than he's showing us …. ok he's showing us everything right now but thats not what I mean. We might be able to use him in our operation. But in order for everything to work Hiscock and Hirkunt have to get together.

«Do the flash back to HHH room now»

Soundly, Biggie Balls' words are heard ringing to Hiscock ears. Images of Suzie start popping up and Hiscokc goes limp.

Laya: Whats the matter. Its her again isn't it. Well follow HirKunt to the bedroom and well see if we can make evrthing better.

What the hell is going on. Will Hirkunt be able to penetrate into Hiscock's love life (this sentence just seems wrong doesn't it boys and girls). What does Willie have up his sleep. How does Roger fit into all this. And what of the rest of the band. Can Anna save Hiscock. Find out next episode.

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