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Episode 26: I'm a Spanking the Lock

by: Paulo

back at Orenthal's apartment.

HH: what are you doing.

Gerald: I'm a spanking the lock.

HH: Well do it in private.

Gerald: Dahh, ye stoopid Canajian.

HH: There are the pictures. (long pause)

Gerald: Gawd al Mightee. That's Pitlick.

HH: ah man, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What is Spankme, Pitlick and Greese doing together. Maybe Orenthal was right. Greese knows who really killed Mr. Spankme.

Gerald: Listen you red belly son of a ore, I aint spanking anyone but me self. Alright grab the photos and lets get out before the fuzz get here.

they leave…

Meanwhile at Greese's stakeout Pat has bugged Greese's place.

Greese: No listen, Tugnutt, I don't have to tell you anything. Right now you and Pitlick are suspects and I have to do something to safe Pitlick.

Tugnutt: But Pitlick and I were together that night. We weren't anywhere near Spankme's house. We were out at OnTap with Daigle. You know he gets all the girls around him. Pitlick and I have been away from our wives for so long we decided to go with Alex so that we can flirt. We weren't going to do anything.

Greese: Yah, Yah. Listen, Lance is a good friend of mine. I had to take measures to protect him.

Tugnutt: What measures. We only talked to Spankme that night. There were no measures nescessary.

Greese: Thats all get the hell out.

Tugnutt: If you don't clear our names your going to be sorry.

Greese: We'll see about that. Tugnut, Greese always gets his man.


At HHH apartment:

Susie Shear and Orenthal are in HHH bedroom talking.

SS: So you're a bus driver.

OD: No, I was an ex-football great with the Ottawa Roughriders. When the team went belly up, I turned to teaching cooking. Thats how I got to know Spankme.

(slap, slap)

OD: What was that for.

SS: Oh sorry you were talking about the trial.

OD: Yah. So I goes to the house, but Spankme isn't there. Her husband is, saying something about Tugging nuts lance spankme with greese. I decided to wait outside. Then I heard the back door close so I thought Mrs. Spankme was home so I went in. Only to find Mr. Spankme stabbed with my cooking knife. I ran out of there but the Pigs were already there. Officer Greese I believe his name was.

SS: Oh so you think that he framed you because he was involved with Spankme.

OD: Yah I do. But speaking of spanking has gotten me stiffy. If you smell what I'm cooking.

SS: Sorry that must be me your smelling. Hiscock won't be coming for a while. Why don't you show me yours.

OD: Alright.

(seen fades as the two start kissing)

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