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Episode 27: Orenthal deBusdriver and Suzie Shear are Making Nookie

by: Junior

Orenthal deBusdriver and Suzie Shear are making nookie back at HHH's. Officer Grease discovers this and since OD is the only one who can finger him as the murderer, he HEADS over to Hiscocks to tie up the loose ends…

<SS and OD are In bed together when the phone rings…>

SS: Hello?

PF: Suzie, it's pat, bad news, ya got ta get deBusdriver outta there. I got that chancer Grease's appartment bugged and the gobshite is on his way over to get Orenthal.

SS: What are you saying?

PF: I'm saying get your Mary Hick arse out of bed, get dressed and get going.

SS: Thanks Pat I'm on my way.

<Hangs up the phone>

SS <to OD>: Orie, get dressed we got to get outta here. Peter Grease is coming after us, we'll take the Bronco.

<SS and OS jump into SS's white Ford Bronco and peal out of the driveway just as Grease is driving up their street>

PG: Shit, they must be onto me.

<Grease pics up his radio…>

PG: Dispatch, this is Officer Grease, I've located deBusdriver, he's in a white Ford Bronco licence plate IGV A69. Their headed onto Highway 417. <To hiself> You're going down deBusdriver, and I'm not talking on that skank in your Ford either.

<Meanwhile HHH and GF are across town at a choke and puke (Fast food place :→JR.) getting some food>

HHH: So Officer Grease was the one that killed Mr. Spankme and planted the bloody glove to make it look like Orenthal did it…

GF: Good Gawd, look at what's going on over there… <Pointing to the TV>

The TV: “…In what appears to be a low speed chase involving about 16 police cruisers and a white Ford Bronco. Our sources tell us that accused murderer Orenthal deBusdriver is in the Bronco…”

HHH: Hollly Shit!

<An asian man turns around>: Yes?

HHH <stunned>: Huh?

Ho Lee Sheet: You called my name?

HHH: No I was talking about the TV…Holy Shit Grease is going after Orenthal…

Will Orenthal and Suzie be able to escape the police to reveal who the real murder is? Will Peter Grees get away with his dastardly deeds? Will we ever uderstand what the Hell Gerlad Fitzpatrick and Partick FitzGerald are saying? Will Pitlick and Tugnut by a bag of Cheetos?

(by Gavin) PG: Dammit. This is not turning out how I expected it to. Most people see the Grease coming and just give in and take it nice and slow….the way I like it. But not these two. At the first sign of the Grease they panic and run for it. The media coverage this is probably getting is going to blow everything out of the water. Time to take a little more drastic actions.

———– HHH: Come on. Can't you stuff your face any faster. And pay attention to the road. We need to get to Pitlick before Peter Grease does.

GF: hmmmmm. hhmmmmmmggh…. Hey. If you tink your so big Hiscock, why don't you try eating this sausage. ———- Tugnut: Hey Lance! Check it out. The WWWF has a new wrestler by the name of Val Venus.

Lance: Whatever happened to the old fashion names like Macho man.

<ring ring ring> Tugnut: Yes.

PG: Ronny, grab Lance and head to the UofO. Well meet under the big smokestack. And watch out for Hiscock. He's one his way to your place in a bug. Plate number UB6-IB9.


Tugnut: Come'on Lance. Lets get out of here.

PF: It'z a god ting I plugged Tugnut's phun also. Time to call in da boyz.

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