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Episode 23: That's Personal

by: Junior

HHH is on his way back to the courtroom after a quick stop to the supermarket. He waves a cab down and gets in.

HHH: To the courthouse and hurry, I'm gonna be late, Hung and Cummings are going to have my ass if I'm late.

Cab Driver: Whoa dude, I don't care to know about that sort of thing alright…

<The Driver Guns it through traffic>

HHH: Whoa horse, maybe you should slow down a bit, I want to get to work quickly but I need to be alive when I get there…

Driver: Relax pops, just leave it to Otto man, I've crashed 56 times with only 1 casualty. Stupid old bag with the walker should never have been on the road in the first place.

HHH: It's drivers like you that make this city unsafe for pedestrians. What's your name?

Driver: My name is Ot-to Stimulation. What for?

HHH: I'm going to report you to the cab company.

Otto (OS): All right pops, I'll get the owner…What seems to be the problem?

HHH: <To self>Shit I end up in a cab owned and operated by a lunatic.

<Cab arrives at the courthouse…HHH's secretary is waiting for him outside>

SS: Hurry Harry, Cummings won't wait all day. What took you so long?

HHH: I just had a bad episode with Otto Stimulation.

Secretary: Yeah, I always have that problem in cabs…The drivers always get distracted and stuff. Anyway, hurry up Judge Hung is about to smack down the gavel. I think he's starting with Cummings.

<HHH Runs into the courthouse… Scene fades to black…>

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