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Episode 3: Hiscock Can Handle Anything

by: Gavin

Well its been pretty tough going for our hero HHH lately. But as we catch up to our champion of justice with the Jehova's Wetness, we see that Hiscock is very excited to start banging the skins.

Roger: Ok Hiscock. Well start you off with one of our simpler songs entitled “Bee-Hatch”. Basically its you drumming to a 2-1-2 beat. Can you handle that.

HHH: Hiscock can handle anything (wink to Anne Alprobe).

Roger: Alrighty then. Hiscock, wait for my signal to start. Lets kick it.

«<Aside: For those that are unfamilar with this song, it was orignally sung by Rat while sitting on the crapper in Brooks 3 years ago and it goes a little something like this.»»

~The band begins by playing a very soft soothing melady. Then Roger starts to pick up the pace and the rest of the band follows. Roger gives Hiscock the signal and things are really starting to sound like a hard rock band with the trumpets in the background (picture Dave Mathew's Band).~

Roger: Die bitch, die bitch, die bitch, diiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee beeeeeeeee-hatch!

~HHH gets the signal to break into solo and does he every. Hiscock is just so pumped up that he starts hiting evrything in sight. As HH slows down the trumpets pick up and so ends the song~

Scott Towel: Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you realy know how, and like to, bang the skins.

HHH: I've been banging for as long as I can remember. I use to have a group I loved to jam with but I also spent alot of time banging by myself in front of the mirror to get my form down. Got to look good for my audience you know.

Enema Bondage: It really shows too. If never seen a drummer as srong and pumper up as you Hiscock.

Anne Alprobe: And when you strike the skins you stay stiff. It gives off such a great sound that. and I think I speak for all of us, we just love to hear.

Roger: Man, you were moving so fast that I lost sight of your stike banging the skins. I only have two questions. First, how long can you keep up that pace for. My second is, can the Wetness keep up with Hiscock.

HHH: Well, lets find out.

-Loud tunage can be heard as we leave our hero. Can Hiscock keep up the pace. Can Anna Alprobe and the rest of the Wetness keep up to Hiscock. How does Hiscock keep that stiffness for so long? These answers and much much more in the coming episodes of HHH.

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