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Episode 4: Hiscock has the Kind of Spunk that I Like

by: Gurbir

A few weeks have passed, and the band has started writing songs, and jamming. HHH is waiting at a practice, playing with his skins, when Roger Overnout arrives. He is not alone.

RO :'re all here. Great. I've got some amazing news!

AA : What's up?

RO : We've got a manager! Everyone, meet Willie Sharp

WS : Hey guys!! Great to meet you…

EB : Whoa whoa whoa…isn't this something we should decide on as a group??

RO : Well yeah…

WS interrupts : Let me handle this, Roger. (to Enema) : Look..I don't want to be stepping on anyone's toes, but Overnout here tells me you guys are having trouble getting gigs. Well, stick with me, and I can get your sorry asses up to #1.

HHH : Don't you mean a #2… (the band laughs)

WS : Ha! You must be Hiscock!! Roger told me you were a funny guy. (turns to Roger) Hiscock has the kind of spunk I like!! Just don't go shooting off to quick, son. That's rule # 12 of “Big Willie Style!”

ST : Yeah…and I ain't cleaning it up either! (band looks at him curiously)

NR: What?

ST : Nothing. Look..the new manager is cool with me.

HHH : Yeah..Hiscock can hang with Willie.

AA: YEah..I'm down with Willie to

NR : I don't know..Willie looks kinda limp to me.

EB : I'm with Noah Rection.

RO : Well..that's still a majority. to share your good news.

HHH : What good news.

WS : I can get you guys in to play at Bovine Sex Club next weekend. And, I've found out that Woody DeKok will be there scouting local talent.

AA : Woody DeKok!! You mean the genius behind the Ballzupyahooza tour!! Was it hard, Willie?

WS : Oh yeah…but if it's not hard, it's not worth doing. That's rule # 46 of Big Willie Style.

AA: Amen to that!

HHH : Well. then we better get our practice on.

(end of scene)

Will the band perform well enough to get Woody to talk to Willie. Will Noah Rection & Enema Bondage be able to play with Willie looking over their shoulder. Stay tuned.

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