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Episode 22: Harry Hiscock at the Checkout

by: Paulo

Cashier: will that be cash or credit card Mr. .. ?

HHH: Hiscock. <while giving a nod. So happens it was directed by accident to the bag boy>

Cashier: Excuse me. How did you know about him and me.

HHH: No, No, My name, Harry Hiscock. It'll be on my credit card.

cashier:<looking blush> that'll be $4.11.

HHH: thank you.

<as HHH leaves the cashier looks at the signature on the receipt, and saying a loud to herself>

Cashier: Harry Handson Hiscock.

Bagboy: What did you just tell me to do.

Cashier: Nothing Harry. stock girl(comes to the cash): so did Hiscock buy his nuts.

Bagboy: What is wrong with all you people. Thats it Pho Nesex, you can kiss our relationship goodbye. Your too weird for me. <walks away angrily>

stock girl: sorry Pho, I didn't want to get you in trouble with him.

Cashier: Don't worry Harmony, Harry Pawms is just a little cry baby who can't last. Time for me to find a better partner!

(picture fades and the girls but heads and giggle.)

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