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Episode 19: Spankme, Cummings; The Cross Examination from Hell

by: Gurbir

Scene : A little coffeehouse outside the courthouse. The trial is on recess, and Hiscock is eating a muffin, and talking to a stranger, making smalltalk.

HH : It's a pretty big case. The paperwork alone is blowing me away. Just this morning, I was carrying it all to the trial, and I said to my assistant Alota Fagina, I think I need a bigger box…

stranger : What'd she say?

HH : Nothing. She just blushed.

stranger : Yeah..I know what you mean about being busy. I'm trying to get a band together, but I don't have time, with work and everything,

HH :What instruments are you looking for?

stranger : Well..I play guitar, and my friend Ann Alprobe plays keyboards. She's got a great set of hands on her…

HH (interest is perked) : Really…well..maybe I can help you out…a lot of people don't know this, but I'm a pretty good drummer.

stranger : you don't say??

HH : Yeah..I love to bang the skins.

stranger : Well, we should hook up then.

HH : Well..I have to go pick up some groceries, but you can call me and we can set a meeting. (gives him his card)

stranger (reads card) : Harry H. Hiscock Attorney at Law “Noone can get you out of a tight jam better than Hiscock” (tried to contain his laugh)

HH : Something wrong?

stranger : No..just wondering what the h stands for…

HH: Handson

stranger : Oh..(at this point about ready to explode)Well, Harry Hiscock, my name is Roger..Roger Overnout. We'll be in touch.

HH : Sure thing. See ya (walks out)

<fade to black>

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