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Episode 20: All Rise for Judge Hung

by: Paulo

Everyone is in the court room after lunch waiting for the judge.

Bailiff: All rise for judge Hung.

Judge Hung: Be seated. Hiscock, Cummings, I take it you had your fill at lunch. Alright, Miss Spankme, remember your still under oath. Cummings, Spankme is ready and you may begin.

Cummings: Miss Spankme, as Hiscock has shown us the glove was too big for you. But what if I said that I believe you and you did not kill your husband.

Spankme: Well I would say that you were right.

Cummings: Do you know a man named Orenthal DeBusdriva?

SM: Yes, why.

Cummings: Where do you know him from

SM: He gave me cooking lessons at the house.

Cummings: Is he still giving you lessons.

SM: Yes.

Cummings: Was he in the house on the day of the murder.

SM: yes.

HH: Your honour, I have never heard so many yes's out of a woman in my life. Could Cummings please get to a head on this matter.

judge hung: Agreed. Lets get to it Cummings.

Cummings: alright. Is it not true that Mr. DeBusdriva, was not only teaching you how to cook, but he thought you how to toss salads as well. And in the act of tossing his salad, poor Mr. Spankme walked in on the two of you. Causing Mr. DeBusdriva to get up, grab a knife and stab your poor heart broken husband.

SM: How dare you state such things. I never did any thing with Orie.

Cummings: Thank you thats all for now your honour.

Judge Hung: Alright everyone. I say we break till tomorrow morning at 9. Hiscock have your next witness nice and ready for tomorrow, so that we can start on time.

HH: Yes Judge Hung. I will get him nice and relaxed.

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