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Episode 21: Hiscock Goes to the Supermarket

by: Gavin

Hiscock's fridge is empty and after a long day at the courthouse with Spankme, Hung, and Cummings, Hiscock has been left feeling tired and limp.

HH (thinking to self): What a hellish week this has been. Well at least today is over. Hmm…I think I could go for some of those healthy peanuts. I'll just ask the stockperson behind the counter for some.

HH: “Excuse me. Can I have some of those low fat healthy peanuts please. I can see your out at the display and I was wondering if there are any in the storeroom.”

StockGirl: “Ow my God! Like, your that guy on the TV. Like, that Lawyer or something. Like, your Harry Hiscock. Ow my God. I'll go, like, ask for the guy in the back.”

HH: (Wow, she recognizes me from the TV. Maybe I should put some more cash into that. Maybe something like “When your this big they call you Mr.” Noooo. Its been done I think???)

StockGirl: «Attention personel from stockroom, I need some, like, healthy nuts for Mr. Hiscock!»

After some delay.

Stockgirl: “Here's, like, your healthy nuts? Mr. Hiscock.”

HH: “Thank-you very much.”

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