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Episode 5: She Really Does Enjoy Hiscock's Company

by: Gavin

O.K. It's lunch time and the secretary and Hiscock have gone out for lunch. In walk the jealous boyfriend (JB) of the secretary (some cute hottie) to find the substitute secretary (SS) tending the booth.

JB: Excuse me but can you tell me where my girlfriend is? We were suppose to meet for lunch.

SS: I'm sorry, she's have a private lunch with Hiscock (she then does a head nod towards the closed office door).

JB: (only knows that his girlfriends boss's name is Harry) What!

SS: Yes, she realy does enjoy Hiscock's company. She is such a lonely girl at lunch. I often see her in the caf or across the street looking rather lonely. However, when Hiscock shows up, her eyes just grow so wide and her mouth drops open with excitement.

JB: (I'll be back (then turns and storms out of the office).

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