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Episode 13: Nurse K and Dick Bring the Strike to HEAD

by: Paulo

Nurse Kumoniwanalaya and Nurse Dick are at Head office talking to the Head of the Hospital Association.

HEAD: Welcome Nurse Kumoniwanalaya with Dick. (the crowd murmurs)

NK: thank you Head. Dick and I are bringing the head office to par why we are striking. Neither Dick nor I no Hiscock, but our fellow nurse Biguns was there and told us that when she entered the surgery room, the surgeon Dr. Sal Adtosser and his assistant Jel Orsyrup were with Handson's ass, and they told her to take care of Hiscock because he was all limp and spewing. The Doctors had been warned about this sort of thing so she called a meeting with Sukmiov staff and we all decided to strike. We went to management but he told us to get out because he had a lawsuit to deal with Hiscock. So this is why we are telling Head, Sukmiov Nurses are going on strike.

HEAD: Thank you. We will discuss that situation and try to reach a compromise. You can go now. We will call you when we reach a decision.

Next: Head office tries to find out compensation packages for the Nurses to come(hint, hint) back to work

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