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Episode 14: Compensation Packages for the Nurses to Come

by: Gavin

Last episode: The nurses have laid there demands on HEAD at Sukmiov. Hiscock is at home still feeling pretty limp but spewing.

Home of Hiscock! <DOORBELL RINGS>

HH: Yes, who's there?

SS: It's me. Susie Shear. … sob sob.

HH: (opens door) What happend? Why are you crying?

SS: I heard what happened at the pool hall. They guys at the office are calling it Hiscock vs. Rednuts and I don't know which one to pick. I care so much for both. I only wish there was some way of putting that spring back in your step. And now I hear about Rednuts and Assride and it makes me feel so sad. But then I think about you Hiscock and it brightens up my day. You just make everything go away and then I can only think about you Hiscock.

HH: Well please come in so we can talk. The last 24 hours has been rather hectic dealing with nurse Biguns, Handson, Dick, and the rest at Sukmiov.

(door closes and scene fads to black)

Next: Wethore gives Hiscock a Band-Aid

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