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Episode 1: Hiscock Reborn

by: Paulo?

Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald have just heard of Harry's persumed death in the warehouse. They are at Joe Bloes(it is now a chain bar) in LA tossing back a few and morning the death of their dear friend.

GF: Good Gawd Pat we should'ave came when he asked us.

PF: I knows Gerald, but the damn latino gig of ours kept us busy.

GF: Ya knows what this bar reminds me of. The time we were at Joe Bloes in Ottawa with Harry.

PF: Ohh Gawd that was some night. That where that Ivana Pukecauseyourgodawfuluglysostayawayfrommeyoufuckinguglywhore used to work.

All of the sudden GF runs to bathroom and comes back in a few minutes.

GF: Man mentioning her was crossing the perverbial line. Thats almost worst then seeing FatB at Pinky's.

PF: Alright, alright enough of that then. Anyways remeber that guy bumped you, and since you were holding Harry's mug you were trying not to spill Hiscock's dicken's Cider.

GF: Yah, but the drink spilled and when harry saw that he beat the shite out of the guy with his Dicken's Cider Mug.

PF: Oh yah, I never laughed so much. Hiscock sure loved Dicken's Cider. Ever since that night You could never get any Dicken's Cider anywhere else.

GF: Oh yah, watch this. You see those nurses over there. How much do you want to bet that I can get one of them lasses to come with me to the funeral.

PF: Your on!!

GF sips from his drink and get up slowly. He then turns around and walks toward the nurses who seem to be a deep consversation and don't seem to notice the big lug going over to them.

Nurse1: Yah, poor guy was all burnt up, with a few broken bones.

Nurse2: True, but did you see his cock. It was… Oh hi, how might we help you.

GF: Well I was wondering if you gals would like to join me and me cousin for drinks over there.

Nurse3: No thanks we have to head back to Mamorial Hospital. You know, important pieces of work have to be done. (as she slowly moves her hand up and down on a french baguette that lay on the table) If you know what we mean.

And the rest of the nurses begin to snicker.

GF: Alright, who needs ya anyway.

As GF turns around his mind slowly starts to process the little bit of the conversation he had overheard at the Nurse's table before he got there.

GF: Oh my gawd!! Pat we have to get to Mamorial Hospital.

PF: Alright you got us multiple action? Lets go.

GF: No, I believe I found Hiscock.

PF: What then lets go.

As they leave you see a shadow of a woman coming out of the back of the bar.

Woman: Damit, I moved down to LA to get away from those 3. The way they always made fun of me, but I see there still here and they still like talking in Vulgarity. But that will change, when I show them the wrath of Ivana.

Next: Dike Visits from Montreal

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