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Episode 18: People vs. Spankme Part II

by: Junior

Judge Hung: Alright, lets get this trial underway, Hiscock, you may call your first witness.

HH (Harry Hiscock): Yes your honour, I would like to call to the stand Mrs. Spankme.

Balif Stiffstick (BS): Please raise your right hand… Spankme. Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth …..

Mrs. Spankme (MS): I do. Can I put my hand down Stiffstick?

BS: Yes, Spankme.

HH: I would like to submit this evidence as exibit A. This bloody glove was found at the scene of the crime. It is assumed to belong to the murderer and with the court's permission, I would like to have Mrs. Spankme try it on.

<Spankme puts the glove on for Hiscock>

HH: <To MS>If you could show this to the Jury, <To Jury> It is obvious that the glove is far too big to Spankme, I mean for Spankme. In fact the my hands are bigger than most and this glove is big enough to fit me.

Judge Hung (JH): Let the record show that the bloody glove is big enough to fit on Hiscock. <To HH> Proceed.

HH: <To Jury>Now if a glove is that much too big, wouldn't it slip off during the act, making it really difficult to stab someone multiple times. I believe that the murderer has to be someone with a much bigger…Hand. <To JH> So you see your honour, If the glove doesn't fit. You must a-quit (I don't know how to spell it. Enlighten me)

JH: Cummings, your witness…

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