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Episode 17: The Search for Ann Alprobe

by: Gurbir

When we last left our hero, Hiscock was scared stiff following a revelation that Ann Alprobe was kidnapped for some secret conspiracy group. Determined to gain control of his life again, Hiscock goes to the phone..he dials…1-976-..he hangs up, and dials the correct number. It is the number of his two friends Gerald Fitzpatrick, and Patrick Fitzgerald.

GF : Ola.

HHH : Gerald?

GF : Si..I mean yes. How are ya Harry, ya old sod?

HHH : What was the latino accent I heard.

GF : Ah..we're going under the covers, ya know.

HHH : Yeah..listen. I need you to run a check on a license plate. It's UB6 IB9. That used to be my old number. I need to know who owns that car now.

GF: I'll call you back.

HHH hangs up, and decided to nap. He has strange dreams in which he is wearing a 'Hannibal Lecter' mask, and being thrown off a 16 foot high steel cage… The phone wakes him up.

HHH : Talk to Hiscock.

PF : Harry. Pat. Your car was bought by LowBlow Shipping. Owner's name is John Blow. They have a warehouse out on Douche Ave,.

HHH : Where's that?

PF : Down by the docks.

HHH : Great. Say..why don't you guys come out to LA. I could really use some help.

PF: Maybe we will boyo, after this case is wrapped up.

HHH : Later.

HHH hails a cab, and goes to the warehouse. He finds a door, and enters. The warehouse is stacked high with boxes. In the center of the warehouse, there is someone sitting on a chair. Hiscock can't see who it is.

HHH : Who are you? No answer.

HHH : What do you want with me? Again, silence. HHH starts to walk forward. As he gets closer, he sees that it is Ann Alprobe. She is tied to a chair. She is gagged. There is note on her. It reads “There is a bomb in the building.”. Hiscock grabs Ann, and starts to…


Did Hiscock manage to escape in time? What will happen next time? Stay tuned

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