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Episode 2: Join the Band

by: Paulo

Harry has gotten into his car with Ann Alprobe to go the the warehouse to practice.

AA: So Harry tell me about yourself.

HHH: Well, I was a laywer, and had a big case recently. You may have heard it. It was with Orenthal and Spankme. Greese tried to use Tugnutt and Pitlick to frame Orenthal, but I found out about it and sent greese to jail.

AA: Oh yah I heard about that. That was you.

HHH: Yup.

AA: Why did you quit.

HHH: Well I was tired of all the comotion of law, not to mention that my ex-girlfriend Susie Shier works at the law firm, and she is, how do I put this nicely……..a whore.

AA: Thats the nicest thing you can say.

HHH: Yah I could have called her a c…, nah forget it not in the company of a lady. So I hear you have some pretty good set of hands.

AA: Well, I try to pratice alot. Either by myself or with people around. I dream of playing with Notorious B.A.L.

HHH: Really, thats to bad I would of liked for us to get together.

AA: Excuse me. … No thats not what I meant. You really want to get together with me.

HHH: Well like I say what Hiscock wants Hiscock gets.

AA: Oh your such a man, but I am involved with someone right now, maybe some other time.

HHH: Yah whatever. We're at the warehouse, lets go, do you want some help with you equipment.

AA: No thank you.

AA and HHH walk into the warehouse with HHH with a very sad look on his face. Will AA ever show HHH her great hands, or will HHH have to be single for awhile.

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