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Episode 1: Jehova's Wetness

by: Junior

Feeling that the pressures of being a lawyer were becoming too much, our dear friend Harry decides to take some time away from work. Immediately after winning the Mrs. Spankme trial (Slight oversight from last episode), Harry decides to take an indefinate leave of absence to join up with Roger Overnaught and the rest of his band.

We now join Harry as he and Roger as they meet up in a small diner near downtown Toronto.

Roger: Harry, glad to see you could make it. Let me introduce you to the rest of the band. Anne Alprobe, she plays keyboards, has a great set of hands. Noah Rection, plays trumpet; Enema Bondage on trombone; Scott Towel, base and vocals, great sound and speedy fingers. <To the rest of the band> Every one meet Harry Handson Hiscock, our new drummer, he can really bang them skins.

HHH: Good to meet you all.

Roger: All right, here's what's going on. We have two weeks to learn our songs, Harry this means you especially. We have our first gig at Club 360 with Ska gods Buck-0-Nine. But first, we need to settle on a name for the band.

Noah Rection: How about the backdoor boys?

Scott Towel: That's stupid.

Noah Rection: You come up with something better ya' fukin' gizzmopper!

Scott Towel: Ex…and how about we call ourselves Jehova's Wetness?

<Harry starts choking on a fry>

Enema Bondage: Dude, what's wrong with Harry? OH MY GOD, HE'S CHOKING

<Enema starts giving him an enema so to speek The fry is dislodged and Hiscock just spews all over the place>

Roger: What a mess. Enema and Noah, you two make sure Harry's O.K., Anne, clean this up with Scott Towel, I'll go make nice with the owner.

Scott : <To Anne> Well at least this is better than my last job as a jizz….Ew gross, that looks like a cheesie poof.

Anne: What were you saying before that?

Scott: I forget.


Roger: So everyone is agreed then, we are now called the Jehova's Wetness. Let's head up to my warehouse so we can start jamming.

And so the worlds newest ska band Jehova's wetness has been formed. Roger Overnout, Hiscock, Anne Alprobe and Enema with Noah Rection form the core, and let's not forget front man Scott Towel to clean their shit up. Will the band ever make it, will Noah Rection get hard…core sound from his horn. Will the band ever learn of Scott Towel's old job…Stay tuned for the next episode to find out…

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