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Episode 10: I Stuck a Stethescope up his Ass

by: Gavin

Back at the hospital.

Nurse2: What happend here?

Nurse1: Dr Handson was tending to Hiscock and I stuck a stethescope up his ass (lets not do this ever again).

Nurse2: Lets get them both to the emergency room then.

Emergemcy room!

Surgeon: Who do we have here?

Assitant: Handson, Hiscock.

Surgeon: Dammit! Not now! You remebered what happened the last time we did that. The nurses threatened to go on strike.

Assistant: Thats not what I meant but I am turned on now.

HH: Look, I don't give a rat's ass. I just want to get my groin looked! (realizing what has just been said HH changes his mind). On second thought I'm leaving.

As HH starts to leav, he goes limp again.

Surgeon: «Paging nurse Biguns to emergency» Now just sit tight Mr. Hiscock and nurse Biguns will see to you.

The surgeon and the assitant turn there attention to Dr. Handson when nurse Bigons (NB) arrives.

NB: What are you two doing whit Handson' ass. And why is there a stethescope sticking out of his ass. You two were warned. We're going on strike.

See the next e-mail to find out if Hiscock will ever get serviced, Handons will get the stetescope removed from his ass, and if the nurses will strike.

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