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Episode 11: I Know Exactly where Dick is Coming From

by: Gurbir

There is a meeting to discuss the strike…

Nurse Komoniwanalya : We're here to discuss whether the actions that occured recently at vladimir sukmiov memorial hospital emergency room warrant a strike…at this time, I'd like to have everyone to welcome Biguns up to the podium, and tell you what happened.

Biguns: Thanks Komoniwanlaya..

stray voice from the audience: Do that in private after the meeting…

Dick the male nurse : Hey..quiet..I wanna see Biguns!!!

Komoniwanalaya : Quiet everyone..and I'm not taking any of your shit, Dick…

(sound of wretching is heard…)

Biguns : Anyway, I was at the hospital, and Dr. Hanson was making the most unreasonable demands…he wanted me to take Hiscock's temperature, check Hiscock's blood pressure, pump Hiscock's stomach, give Hiscock a sponge bath…it was always Hiscock this and hiscock that…It got so that every time I looked at his cock, I felt like didn't help that Hiscock was all purple, and couldn't stay straigh for more than a minute without going limp, and leaking everywhere.,,,

<sound of a bunch of boos from the audience…>

Dick the male nurse : That's awful…I would never touch Hiscock…

Nurse rubmybutt : Sure …I know exactly where Dick is coming from…let's strike!!

Komoniwanalaya : I agree…I'm gonna go down with Dick and tell the hospital management exactly that…!!!

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