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Episode 12: Keep You Medecine Out of My Law

by: Junior

Nurse Komoniwanalaya (NK) and Nurse Dick (ND) are on their way down to see management to let them know that the hospital staff are going on strike. Joe Asskisser (JA), the head manager, is on the phone as they arrive.

JA: …Yes I understand. No I don't like it but I understand.

<NK and ND step into the room>

ND: Joe, we have to talk.

JA: Not now DICK, HEAD… office is on the phone.

NK: This is important, the hospital staff is going on STRIKE!

JA: Komoniwanalaya!

NK: And comments like that strengthens our resolve.

JA: Shit! First a class action suit for negilgence from Hiscock and now the staff is going on strike. Komoniwanalaya, take your Dick and get the hell out of my office before I kill someone. <Into the phone> Can I get back to you later, everything is falling apart over here. <Yelling to the secretary Bea Chsstrip (BC) (Its romanian or something)> “Biatch Strip”, get Bradley, Hiscock and Wrigths office on the phone, I have to get this lawsuit settled.

BC: Okay but i'm keeping my clothes on…

Next: Nurse K and Dick bring the Strike to HEAD... I Mean a Head

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