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Episode 8: Hiscock is Firm

by: Paulo

Last time we left, Hiscock had gone out to lunch with Joe Rednuts girlfriend Susie Shear. So hearing this Joe went to lunch with the substitute secretary Sheryl Assride.

Now wanting to confront Harry about his girlfriend Joe asks Harry to a game of Pool. Joe still does not know Harry's last name.(JR formally known as JB=jealous boyfriend)

JR: So you go to lunch with Susie all the time

HH: Only when I have time. You know I am a busy man.

JR: I so I heard. (harry sinks JR: balls.) Dam you Harry, stop putting my balls together. Next time I put the balls in the triangle.

HH: Man it's been a while for you hasn't it.

JR: Excuse me. I just had it with your substitute secretary

HH: You are a despicable man, cheating on poor Susie.

JR: Despicable, your the one having lunch with my girlfriend all the time.

HH: It's only lunch.

JR: Oh yah. Sheryl told me all about it. All she said is, she's having lunch with Hiscock, Hiscock is a bit firm but always puts a smile on our faces by the end of the day. And then when you were late, she told me how Hiscock got sick and went all limp so you guys were going to stay a bit late.

At hearing this Hiscock starts laughing so hard that he can't see Joe winding up with the pool cue right into the family jewels.

Next At the Hospital

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