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Episode 9: At the Hospital

by: Junior

After a little Misadventure at the pool hall involving Harry Hiscock's cajones and the business end of a pool stick, Harry stumbles to the hospital (which happens to be right next door convenient huh). So we continue his adventure at the admittance desk at Vladimir Sukmiov memorial hospital emergency…

HH: (Stumbles into the hospital with his hands over his crotch) Someone please help me.

Nurse: Please have a seat and fill out these forms.

Doctor: Hello Mr.?

HH: Hiscock!

Doc: Pardon!!

HH: That's my name doctor, Harry Hiscock.

Doc: OOOOHH; His-COCK. What seems to be the problem?

HH: My nuts.

Doc: I thought your name was Hiscock?

HH: No dumbass I got hit in the nuts with a pool stick.

Doc: Good god man why didn't you say so…Nurse get Hiscock to the O.R. Quickly before he spews.

Nurse: Doctor! Vladimir Sukmiov memorial hospital is a place of healing not a Bordello.

Doc: Really! Have you seen the rest of the nurses?

Ruckus ensues, somehow a stethescope gets shoved up the poor doctors ass. Meanwhile Hiscock becomes more and more pale and limp.

Next: I Stuck a Stethescope up his Ass

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