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Episode 14: This Sucks So Much I Can Toss My Own Salad

by: Paulo

We join our Hero Harry Hiscock on the street as he passes a church. Looking up he thinks how his life was turned around just a few months ago after a bunch of University grads saw his law firms sign. And thinks This suck so much I can toss my own salad. Goes into the church to find the answers to his mixed up life.

As he prays in a pew he over hears a conversation being held by the priest and seven large men. Well maybe one is a woman.

skinnyone: Enough is enough and it's time for a change. dreadlock dude: You heard the man, its time for a change, listen here padre, you have to marry these two pointing to the one with long blond hair and then to the most defined man there, and if you don't know why you better call somebody. Senhor ass what do you have to say about it. senhor ass: I can't really say much but if you don't do it I have two words for you…… blondy: Ok there rocka billy, enough of that. Listen father. Chyna and I are in love, and we really want to get married on the 19th, because it's really important that she gets married in this church and the 19th is the only day that we have free and that we will be anywhere near this city. Chyna: Please father Ithurts, you saw me grow up from a little girl to a huge man, I mean large muscular woman. You have to help us Ithurts: I know, but I have another celebration on the 19th. I really wish I could help you. semitallskinny guy: Hey triple H. HHH: yah, how do know who I am. Are you one of the (giving the secret symbol that the woman from the bar showed him)

The wrestlers look at him with a weird face.

HHH: You called me didn't you??

HHH2: No he was talking to me. I'm Hunter Hearst Helmsling (spelling>???).

HHH: Really, I'm Harry Handson Hiscock.

guy with raspy voice: Really, I know you. Your the guy who bangs the skins for Jehovahs Wetness. Your good, almost as good as the Heart Break Kid himself. (points at himself with his thumbs) Listen Harry, when you finish with the band gig, maybe you would like to join us in the ring. We'd have a great gimik with you.

HHH: Really, you know I love to slam bodies all day, if you smell what I'm cooking.

HHH2 hold back Billy, as Billy was ready to slam HHH thinking that he was the rock.

HHH2: Yah, that would be great.

dreadlock dude: Let me introduce ourselves, Ladies and gents and childrean of all ages…..blah, blah blah let me introduce the best wrestlers in the Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorld, Shawn Micheals “the Heart break Kid, Chyna (pointing to the big woman),”bad ass“ Billy Gunn, XPack (semitallskinny guy), Triple H Hunter Hearst Helmsling, Jason the impersonator, and myself …. uhhh (to himself..”think man think“) The road dog, adn together we're Degeneration X and we have two words for yah… Suck it.(all giving themselves croch chops)

HHH: You know thats impressive, but I have to go right now, Have a rehearsal 10 minutes ago.

Jason: You know if you were Owen Hart your nose would be there by now, whhhooooooooo.

HHH: Uhhh?? Anyways I hope you guys get this wedding thing fixed up (as Chyna goes off to a confession stall crying)

HHH2: Oh great, now I have to lay the smack down on myself until she stops crying.

Ithurts: Yah I know, when she was a little girl… uh forget I said that.

all look at him.

HHH: You know padre, if you don't want to let this out, I suggest you cancel your other service on the 19th and wed these two, or the poopoo with hit the fan, and you know what happens when the poopoo hits the fan, it goes right back into your face. Thats rule #.. Oh my god now I'm doing it. Anyways see yah guys.

(runs out thinking that he has done a good deed getting the priest to agree, or at least feel blackmailed.)

Ithurts: All right, Fathe Ino Ithurts never cancels previous engagements but I get I have to one this one. The 19th it is.

all fades as DX celebrates.

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