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Episode 15: Keep Thrusting

by: Junior

In our last episode, HHH had a rather strange encounter at a Church (Crotch chops and the whole nine yards). We catch up with Harry as he makes his way towards his hotel room.

HHH: <to himself> The streets are pretty deserted, what the hell is going on?

<A drunk stumbles towards him>

Drunk: Wine wine everywhere so lets all have a drink…

HHH: Whoa there mister, I think you've had enough.

Drunk: Ha! Ha! Hiscock thinks I can say no when I'm drunk.

HHH: <Turns around> Hey how do you know my name?

Drunk: How can anyone forget the BIG BAD Harry Hiscock attorney at law.

HHH: Ex attorney at law.

Drunk: Whatever, you saved my life man, I love you for it.

HHH: Orenthal? Orenthal DeBusdriva? What the hell are you doin here?

ODB: Getting drunk. Suzy was so upset when you up and left that we I had to leave because I was making matters worse. Now I'm drunk.

HHH: Suzy…<To himself: I remember it as if it were yesterday…All the time Hiscock spent inside your “house”, all the time I spent In your house. Too much pain>

ODB: You alright Harry, you're looking a little limp.

HHH: All these painfull memories make me want to spew.

ODB: Maybe you should go talk to Suzie, I'm sure she'd be really happy to see you. Suzie Shear, she gots the power in her hands to set Hiscock straight don't you know it.

HHH: I can't.

ODB: Look man, life is hard, you gotta be harder. <Black Cadillac speeds around the corner>

ODB: Look out! <ODB pushes HHH out of the way as shots are fired. Orenthal is hit> <Abulances arrive and start taking ODB to the hospital>

ODB: Harry, come here.

HHH: Are you going to be o.k.?

ODB: Never mind that. You though your life was fucked up now, well it's only gonna get harder from here, you gotta push through it. It may get a little tight but keep thrusting and you'll make it <ODB does the secret sign.> You are very important piece of the puzzle HHH, take care of yourself, we need you alive.

HHH: Who needs me alive?

<the ambulance drives away with ODB, leaving HHH more confused than ever.>

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