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Episode 16: Paulo Wins the FUBAR Award

by: Gavin

Before we begin this weeks installment of HHH, I'd just like to award Paulo with the “FUBAR” award for creating the most messed up episode of all time (the church scene).

Now back to our story line. Orenthal DeBusdriva has left Hiscock feeling rather limp and unsure of himeself. In an effort to sort things out Hiscock returns to his apartment for some R&R. Suddenly there is a knock on the door.

«Knock knock knock»

As Hiscock peers through the hole (peep hole that is) he sees Anna Alprobe standing with a nervous look on her face. Hiscock opens the door.

HHH: (The previous thoughts of Suzie disappear and hero feels his strength return) Anna, this is a pleasant surprise but I thought you were kidnapped???

AA: Easy Hiscock, put it back in your pocket. I have something to show you and then I have to get back before anyone realizes I'm missing.

Anna walks over to the VCR and inserts a tape.

AA: I wasn't kidnapped but I'm working under cover. The people who you think are trying to help you may not be on your best side. I managed to smuggle this out.

As Harry looks at the screen he sees an add for his Law Firm.

« …and remeber when your as big as Hiscock, everyone will call you Mister….»

HHH: But but but I never recorded this comercial.

AA: I know, this was recently recorded by your double.

Hiscock suddenly goes limp and falls to the floor.

AA: Here, let me give you a hand.

As Anna reaches for Hiscock, she slips him a note into his drawers.

AA: I have to go now and don't forget what I just (she winks at him) did for you.

As soon as she leave, Hiscock searches his pants for the letter and reads it quickly.

  The video you saw is real however I am still kidnapped.  They put me up to
  this.  It is an attempt to break your bond with those that you trust.  Please
  help me

Hiscock drops the notes and with the new found energy of a teenager sprints to the main lobby to see Anna being forced inside a van just as it drives away. Hiscock is able to get the license plate though: UB6-1B9.

Where have we seen this plate before? What about Suzie? What about Anna? Will Scott Towel be able to help Hiscock. How's side is everyone on? Why all these out rageous questions? And did everyone see Jacqoline on the PPV (tee-hee Gurb)?

Next: The Search for Ann Alprobe

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