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Episode 3: She's Probably with Hiscock

by: Paulo

Mrs. Vane's daughter has just been caught in school punching a boy.

Principal: Do you know why your here?

Mrs. Vane's Daughter (VD): Yah, I beat the snot out of that boy.

Principal: Now why did you do that

VD: Because he kissed me.

Principal: Do you have a lawyer.

VD: No but my mama does.

Principal: And what if that little boy decides to sue you would she mind lending you him.

VD: I don't know maybe.

Principal: So you don't mind if I call her and ask her about this.

VD: Sure, shes probably with Hiscock right now.

Principal: What!? how dare you say such things.

VD: What????!!! It'll be perfect, you can a HOLD of them both with one call.

Next: I Want Hiscock Now!

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