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Episode 16: Your Ass Belongs to Rednuts

by: Gurbir

HH has just finished telling SS about the events of his day…

HH : …and then, I got the paper cut , and left. Wethore was very good about it…

<phone rings>

HH : Hiscock speaking…

Rednuts : That's not funny, you dirty little bastard…

HH : What do you want, no nuts?

Rednuts : Stop it!! You're just making me angrier!!

HH : Yeah..well, you can tuck it, you can buck it, and you can SUCK IT!!

Rednuts : All right, you punk..your ass belongs to Rednuts!!

HH : Yeah?? Well your ass belongs to Hiscock, and he's gonna make you SQUEAL LIKE A PIG!!

Rednuts: Blow me, Hiscock!! <Slams the phone down!!>

SS: What was that all about?

HH : Rednuts wanted to get in my face again…I told him that it was Hiscock time, and that I was to legit 2 quit!!

SS : Oh're so big and strong..and stiff…

HH : Was that a joke..?

SS: No..(looking down)…it means that you're pitching a tent…

HH : Well…you feel like camping for the night…

<start making out>

HH pulls away for a second…

HH : You know what I have to do?

SS: Oh Hiscock!!

HH : That's right…it's Hiscock vs. Rednuts II: The right to Shear Suzy…and believe me, Hiscock is gonna pound Rednuts into the ground…(goes back to making out…) <fade>

Next: The Right to Shear Suzy

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