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Episode 17: The Right to Shear Suzy

by: Gavin

Hiscok at the court house!

With the events over the last couple of days, Hiscock was finally feeling strong and verticle again with the help of SS. So, with new found energy, Hiscock returned to the courthouse to handle The People vs. Mrs. Spankme.

HH: You honour, I am hear today to prove to you, as well as to you the jury, that my client Mrs. Spankme is absoulutely, positively innocent of murdering her husband. This has been a rather troubling time for my client which has only lead to more physical and emotional suffering.

Prosecutor: You Honour, Jury, this man was stabed 24 times with a cooking knife in his own home and there are no forcable signs of entry to the Spankme house. I will attempt to show that Mrs. Spankme did in fact kill her husband after having several affairs with other men.

Judge: Hiscock, Cummings will you both please approach the bench. Now, this is a murder trial and I don't want it to be turned into a Smut circus on wheels unless it is relevant to this case.

HH & Cummings: Yes, judge Hung.

Too be continued…

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