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Episode 12: Hiscock Gently Raises the Sheet

by: Gavin

«Alarm clock buzzing»

HHH: “What the fuck.”

Looking aroung Hiscock sees Hirkunt beside him. Rembering everything since coming home drunk, Hiscock gently raises the sheets. Both Hiscock and Hirkunt are naked (big surprise). Looking at Laya, Hiscock can see that the heshe is only a she and that she is quite alive.

HHH: “That was some trip.”

Hiscock rises and goes to the bathroom. As Hiscock enters the bathroom, the door closes behind him. Standing there is Deepthroat and Cigarman.

DT: You do remember our deal from last night Hiscock?

Cigarman is in the background puffing away while Hiscock and Deepthroat become engaged …. in conversation.

HHH: What do you mean?

DT: You were so messed up last night that you just ended up passing out. At one point you saying something about shooting at Hirkunt.

HHH: I have no clue what your trying to say Deepthroat. Maybe you should get that thing out of your mouth.

Deepthroat spits out his gum.

DT: I hang around with Mr. Chimney there, I tend to get a foul taste in my mouth.

HHH: Maybe you should start from the begining Deepthroat. And go nice and slow.

DT: There no point in relaying everything. I'll just bring you up …. to speed on the situation. Biggie Balls was shot latter last night after you left. We feel that someone in the Wetness could be next. Roger has been helping us and I'm not going to lie to you. We believe your the target. Either that or someone is trying to screw you Hiscock. The police beleive your the one responsible for Biggie Balls death. One more thing. Whoever is doing this, has kidnapped Anna.

HHH: But we have a concert tonight. I can't bang the skins without Alprobe.

Cigarman: Hiscock! Time is short. The band is meeting downstairs in 30 minutes with us. Be there and be ready to play. Because without Alprobe, the Wetness could be in for a really bad night in terms of picking up a label. And your going to have to pick up the slack. I'm looking at you right now and I can see your still limp from last night.

HHH: Have one of my trips and see if you can get it up.

Cigarman: Thats not what I meant. And show me one more crack like that and I'll have Deepthroat all over you.

Well in a rather strange turn of events …. things are starting to come together. Next episode, can Cigarman, Deepthroat, and Hiscock save Alprobe. What about Hirkunt. How does she fit into all this. Why didn't Roger tell Hiscock before. And can Scott Towel dry up hiw tears and play the gig of his life.

Next: Life Sucks the Bloated Gonads of a Yak in Heat

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