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Episode 11: I Can Handle my Own

by: Paulo

Last episode the band was going on the road. We meet up with them in Wawa Ontario, where they're making a pit stop for the night. Harry is at the front desk of Hotel WeecheeWawa.

HHH: I have a reservation for Harry Handson Hiscock. reception: Sorry sir we don't do that sort of thing here.

HHH: Listen….(pauses and looks down at the name tag) Big Crevice (shakes his head to make sure he heard himself right). I made a reservation two days ago, I'm with the band. reception: Oh thats your name, ok lets see, Ahh yes Mr. Hiscock. Room 169. Can anyone help you with your bag.

HHH: No thank you, I can handle my own.

As HHH get to his room he notices his bedroom door slightly ajar. He peers in and it is full of smoke. Laya and Roger are standing with their back towards the wall and they seem to be talking to someone. HHH is now getting really pissed off and runs into the room.

HHH: Alright!!! Damit I am getting tired of this. Whats going on here

Roger. And who is this guy smoking cigars in my room.

Roger: Harry?? We we weren't expecting you for another 4 hours.

HHH: Well I am here, that still doesn't explain what you, confused one(pointing to laya) and chimney stack are doing here.

CigarGuy: Now listen Mr. Hiscock, I know this seems wierd but it's for your own good that you forget that you saw us here. Time will answer your questions.

(the three intruders begin to leave. HHH slams the door shut)

HHH: Fuck you!!! I am tired of all this secrecy. First I get set up with heshe, then you two are holding hands and hanging around like your two puppies in love, now I find the human cancer in my hotel room.

Roger: Whats he talking about heshe?????

Laya: I'll explain later.

HHH: Yah, I bet heshe will. After the deed has been done.

Cigarman: Now listen here Hiscock, you better not annoy me. You will know the truth in time.

HHH: Noooooooo, you listen!! I want the truth and I want it now.

Cigarman: You want the truth, you want the truth, well you can't handle the truth.

(pulls out a gun and aims at Laya and shoots her. She falls into Rogers arms)

Roger: Oh my God you killed Laya.

Harry runs at Cigarman (in slow motion) and then blackness. The next thing he knows Roger is over HHH.

HHH: What happened?

Roger: I don't know. They shot Laya and then I see you ran at the bastard and then I am waking up on the floor there. You know whats funny though.

HHH: What?

Roger: There's no blood from Laya. Maybe he shot her with a tranq..

HHH: Who cares about that guy. I attacked him so he wouldn't shoot me.

Roger: Are you telling me Laya was a guy.

HHH: Yup

Roger runs into the bathroom and wrenching sound can be heard.

Roger: My god. I kissed Him.

HHH: well at least thats all!! Who was that guy anyways.

Roger: Some big shot. He asked me to keep an eye on you. Why I don't know. But he said that if any thing ever happened to you, he would kill me. so I had to choice.

HHH: Mmmm… Let me make some calls. Till we find out whats happening lets keep this quiet and lets watch our backs.

What just happened here. Who is Cigarman? Is Laya really dead? Who is Laya? The truth is somewhere…

Next: Hiscock Gently Raises the Sheet

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