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Episode 7: Hiscock Needs a Good Beating

by: Paulo

Later on the “lunch” date.

JB: So how long have you worked at the law firm

SS: Oh about 4 months

JB: How do you like it.

SS: Its pretty good. Hiscock is pretty firm at times, but he is really good and always puts a smile on our faces by the end of the day.

JB: What the hell?! This guy need a good beating.

SS: Oh no, He is a real nice guy. He has a lot of briefings and sometimes gets a bit stressed and takes it out on us.

JB: Alright enough of this. If my girlfriend is having lunch with him, then its time for you to have lunch with Mycock.

SS: I thought your name was Rednuts.

JB: It is so start munching.

(In a moment of passion they look into each others eyes and start kissing as a group of kids from St. Patricks Elementary School in Barhaven are looking on and laughing)

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