Freak, nerd, cranky misanthrope. I have a master's degree in computing science, I work in technology, I ride sideways on planks with and without wheels. As is common on the internet, this biography is more than likely woefully out of date since it does not get updated regularly, so if for some unknown reason you would like up-to-date data about me, you will have to contact me directly (remove the 'ELIDE' prefix). I have a passion for the science of computing. In particular thinking machines. My master's research was in multi-agent systems. Although my graduate school career ended quite some time ago, I still like to keep up with current trends in AI. This website is the vehicle through which I like to share what I learn. FSF Member Since 2011-05-31 Member 2016 EFF - Electronic Frontier FoundationMastodon ACM

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